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Troubleshooting Your Hisense TV Remote

Is your remote for Hisense TV not working properly? Don’t worry – there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try before shelling out money on a replacement.

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Troubleshooting Your Hisense TV RemoteIntroduction to Remote for Hisense TV OptionsEvaluating Original Hisense TV RemotesHow to Optimize Remote for Hisense TV with Mobile AppsUniversal Remotes Compatibility with Hisense TVsDIY Solutions: When You Misplace Your Hisense RemoteCan Your Smartphone Be the Ultimate Remote?Frequently Asked Questions
  • Check the batteries. Dead or incorrectly inserted batteries are the most common cause of remote control issues. Try replacing the batteries with fresh ones.
  • Make sure the remote sensor isn’t obstructed. Any obstructions between your remote and the IR sensor on your TV, such as furniture or decor, can interfere with the signal.
  • Try repairing or pairing the remote. Consult your TV manual and try initiating the pairing process to resynchronize your remote. Many Hisense remotes also have a tiny reset pinhole you can press with a paperclip to reset connectivity issues.
  • Test if the buttons are stuck. Examine each button on the remote to see if any are jammed. If so, try gently cleaning around the buttons with isopropyl alcohol.

If you’ve tried all that and your Hisense remote still won’t work, it may be time for a replacement. Hisense doesn’t sell universal remotes directly, but many third party universal remotes and replacement remotes are compatible.

Universal Remote Solutions

When shopping for universal remotes, look for ones specifically designed and programmed to operate Hisense Smart TVs. Models from Logitech, Samsung, or Philips in the $20-50 range are solid options. You’ll likely have to consult your TV model specifications to ensure compatibility.

Direct Replacement Remotes

For an identical, direct replacement remote you can purchase an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Hisense remote. These replacement remotes are more expensive at $60-100 but replicate all functionalities of your original remote.

By following troubleshooting tips and considering universal or replacement remote options you can restore full control of your malfunctioning Hisense TV remote.

Introduction to Remote for Hisense TV Options

Hisense smart TVs come with different remote control options to enhance the user experience and make it easier to access various features and functions on these internet-connected televisions.

Standard Infrared Remote

  • Included with most Hisense TV models
  • Uses infrared signals to communicate with the TV
  • Basic buttons for changing channels, adjusting volume, and accessing settings
  • Does not support advanced voice control features

Enhanced Bluetooth Remote

An upgraded remote included with higher-end Hisense smart TVs that offers additional capabilities:

  • Uses Bluetooth to pair with the TV, eliminating line-of-sight issues
  • Includes quick access buttons for popular streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube
  • Supports basic voice commands using built-in microphone
  • Backlit buttons make the remote usable in the dark

Voice Remotes

Hisense also offers optional advanced voice remotes like the XR Voice Remote. Key features:

  • Far-field voice recognition to control TV functions
  • Built-in Alexa, Google Assistant, or both for expansive smart home control
  • Extended range and voice activated backlight
  • Programmable buttons for easy customization

As Benjamin Chertoff said, “A good remote feels natural and intuitive.” Hisense’s remote options tick those boxes by adapting familiar tactile remote controls with the addition of flexible voice interfaces.

Evaluating Original Hisense TV Remotes

Hisense TVs come with simple yet functional remotes to control essential features. When considering a Hisense television, it’s important to understand the capabilities and limitations of the included remote control.

Key Features

  • Power, volume, channel and input selection buttons
  • Numeric keypad for manual channel entry
  • Pre-set channel buttons
  • Menu, exit and arrow buttons to navigate on-screen menus
  • Closed captions and mute functions


The standard Hisense remote allows you to easily access all basic TV controls. Key benefits include:

  • Minimal buttons simplify usage
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • No programming required for basic functions
  • Affordable replacement cost


Basic Hisense remotes lack more advanced features like:

Missing Feature Description
Voice control No voice input for hands-free control
Smart home functions Can’t control other connected devices
Personalization No user profiles or customizations

While simple to operate, the standard Hisense remote may leave power users desiring more advanced controls. Upgrading to an aftermarket universal remote is an option to expand capabilities.

How to Optimize Remote for Hisense TV with Mobile Apps

Using your smartphone as a remote control for your Hisense TV can greatly improve your viewing experience. One of the best options is the Universal Remote TV Control app.

Introducing Universal Remote TV Control

Universal Remote TV Control aims to replace your traditional Hisense TV remote by offering robust control features right from your phone. It’s designed to work seamlessly with various popular TV brands, including Hisense, LG, Samsung, Vizio, Fire TV, and Roku.

Key Features

  • Universal Remote: Control essential functions like changing channels, adjusting volume, navigating menus, and media playback.
  • Screen Mirroring: Mirror your phone’s screen directly onto your Hisense TV to view photos, play games, watch videos, and more.
  • Dedicated Roku Support: Specifically optimized for Roku TV setups.
  • Streaming Service Integration: Directly launch and control Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and other popular apps.
  • Intuitive Interface: User-friendly design with touchpad controls, keyboard, themes, and haptic feedback.
  • Easy Connectivity: Quickly set up app-to-TV connectivity via Wi-Fi.

Who Is It For?

If you want to consolidate multiple remote controls into one smartphone app, own a Roku TV, frequently use streaming services, or simply want to simplify your home entertainment system, Universal Remote TV Control is an excellent option.

Key Benefits

This versatile app offers exceptional convenience, compatibility, features, and ease of use. It transforms your smartphone into a centralized hub for managing nearly any aspect of your Hisense TV with just a few taps.

Visit the Universal Remote TV Control website to learn more and download the app today!

Universal Remotes Compatibility with Hisense TVs

Setting up a universal remote to control your Hisense TV can be tricky, but is often necessary to consolidate your remotes. The good news is that most universal remotes are compatible with Hisense TVs, but you need to follow some specific steps to pair them properly.

Determining Compatibility

Most universal remotes made in the past decade, such as models from Logitech, Sony, Philips, or GE, can control Hisense TVs. You can typically find compatibility information printed on the remote’s packaging or in the instruction manual. Many remotes also have online databases where you can search for your Hisense TV model to confirm compatibility.

Programming Process

  • Turn on your Hisense TV and universal remote.
  • Find the 5-digit code for Hisense TVs in your remote’s manual.
  • Enter the code by holding down the “Set” or “Code Search” button on the remote while inputting the numbers.
  • Test basic functions like power, volume, and channels to ensure the remote is controlling the Hisense TV.

If certain buttons don’t work, repeat the process and enter alternate codes listed for Hisense in the remote’s documentation. You may need to try a few codes before finding the one that fully functions with your specific Hisense TV model.

Further Setup Tips

If the basic pairing process doesn’t work, try searching online for the exact 5-digit remote code matching your Hisense TV model number. User forums and the remote manufacturer’s website often list specific codes. Also check that you have fresh batteries in the remote and that there are no obstructions between the remote and the IR sensor on the TV.

Have more questions about setting up universal remotes? Our TV Remote Control category has helpful step-by-step guides, troubleshooting tips, and videos demonstrating the universal remote pairing process for Hisense TVs and hundreds of other television models and brands.

DIY Solutions: When You Misplace Your Hisense Remote

Losing the remote for your Hisense TV can be frustrating, but there are ways to manage basic functions without it. Here are some handy DIY solutions to try if you’ve lost your Hisense remote:

Use the Manual Buttons on the TV

  • Most Hisense TVs have basic manual controls located on the back or side of the unit. These allow you to complete essential tasks like turning the TV on and off, adjusting the volume, and changing channels/inputs.
  • Look for a panel with physical buttons labelled power, volume, channel, input, etc. Press these to control your TV until you locate your missing remote.

Download the Hisense Remote Control App

  • Hisense offers free remote control apps for mobile devices. These provide all the major functions of your physical infrared (IR) remote.
  • Download the appropriate “Hisense Remote” app from your device’s app store. Pair it with your TV via the onscreen setup process.

Purchase a Replacement Remote

  • If you’re unable to find your lost Hisense remote, buying a replacement is an affordable option. Generic and brand-name OEM models are available online or from electronics retailers.
  • Search using your Hisense TV model number to find a compatible replacement remote that will sync all commands properly.

With these handy DIY tips, you can regain control of your Hisense TV’s key functions when your remote goes missing. No need to stress – just put one of these solutions into action!

Can Your Smartphone Be the Ultimate Remote?

Turn Your Phone into a Hisense TV Remote

Yes, you can use your smartphone as a remote to control your Hisense TV. Hisense offers official apps that allow you to turn your iOS or Android device into a fully-functional remote with all the usual controls like power, volume, channel selection, and more. Simply download the appropriate Hisense remote app for your phone and connect it to your Hisense television.

Alternative Ways to Control a Hisense TV

If you’ve lost your original Hisense remote or prefer not to use your phone, you have other options:

  • Use any Hisense Roku TV remote – They are universal and compatible with all Hisense Roku TV models.
  • Try a universal remote – Many third-party universal remotes can control the basic functions of a Hisense TV.
  • Use voice commands – If your Hisense TV has built-in voice control features, you can change settings and navigate menus with your voice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about controlling Hisense televisions:

Will any Hisense remote work on any Hisense TV?

No, remotes are often designed for specific Hisense TV models. But Roku TV remotes are an exception – they work with other Hisense Roku TVs. Check your user manual to confirm compatibility.

Can I control an older Hisense TV model with my smartphone?

“While Hisense’s mobile apps only work on newer smart TVs with the appropriate software, you can look into universal remotes as an alternative solution for older models.” This is according to CNET’s review of Hisense TVs.

What settings allow my phone Hisense app to work as a remote?

You need to have relevant settings enabled on both your mobile device and Hisense TV:

  • On your phone, enable Bluetooth and location services for the Hisense app.
  • On your TV, turn on Wi-Fi and connect it to your home network to allow connectivity.
  • Under your TV’s general settings menu, ensure mobile or remote control connectivity options are enabled.

With the right smartphone app and the proper settings configured, you can easily make your iOS or Android phone the ultimate touchscreen remote for your Hisense TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of remotes should you look for if you need a universal remote for your Hisense TV?

When shopping for universal remotes for a Hisense TV, look for ones specifically designed and programmed to operate Hisense Smart TVs.

What are the three types of remotes that Hisense offers for their smart TVs?

The three types of remotes Hisense offers are: the standard infrared remote which comes with most models, the enhanced Bluetooth remote included with higher-end models, and optional advanced voice remotes like the XR Voice Remote.

What are the main limitations of the standard Hisense TV remote?

The basic Hisense remote lacks more advanced features like voice control, smart home functions to control other devices, and personalization options like user profiles or customizations.

What are some of the key features of the Universal Remote TV Control app?

Some of the key features of the Universal Remote TV Control app include: universal remote capabilities, screen mirroring, dedicated Roku support, streaming service integration, an intuitive interface, easy connectivity, and more.

What are the main steps to program a universal remote to control a Hisense TV?

The main steps are: 1) Turn on the Hisense TV and universal remote; 2) Find the 5-digit code for Hisense TVs in the remote’s manual; 3) Enter the code into the remote by holding the “Set” or “Code Search” button while inputting the numbers; 4) Test basic functions like power, volume and channels to ensure the remote works.

What are some DIY solutions for controlling your Hisense TV if you lose the remote?

You can use the manual buttons on the TV, download the Hisense remote control app, or purchase a replacement remote.

What are some alternative options if you don’t want to use the Hisense mobile app to control your Hisense TV?

If you don’t want to use the Hisense mobile app, some alternatives are: using any Hisense Roku TV remote since they are compatible with all Hisense Roku models, trying a universal remote, or using built-in voice commands if your TV supports voice control features.

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