Remote for Roku TV: Master Smart Control and Optimal Solutions

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Common Roku TV Remote Controls

Roku TVs come with basic infrared (IR) remotes to control essential functions like power, volume, and channel selection. Many Roku models also support advanced RF Bluetooth remotes with added capabilities. Here are some of the most common Roku TV remotes:

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  • Roku Basic IR Remote: The included remote that comes packaged with all Roku TV models. It connects via infrared and features buttons for directional navigation, select, home, back, play/pause, volume, power, etc.
  • Roku Enhanced IR Remote: An upgraded infrared remote with dedicated streaming service buttons for popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max. Some premium Roku TVs include this.
  • Roku Voice Remote: Roku’s Bluetooth remote that enables voice commands through push-to-talk functionality. Users can launch apps, search for content, control TV functions, and more using voice with this remote.
  • Roku Voice Remote Pro: The highest-end Roku remote with a rechargeable battery, headphone jack for private listening, and RF receiver for controlling Roku devices even when out of sight. Includes voice search and TV power/volume.

All Roku remotes allow you to navigate the Roku interface and control essential TV functions. Advanced models with Bluetooth connectivity

Exploring Available Remote For Roku TV Options

When shopping for a replacement or secondary remote for your Roku TV, you have a few options to consider. This section will overview the pros and cons of sticking with the Roku original equipment manufacturer (OEM) remote versus opting for a universal remote to control your Roku TV and other devices.

Roku OEM Remotes

Roku OEM remotes are designed specifically for Roku devices. Here are some key things to know:

  • Simple setup – Roku OEM remotes pair seamlessly with Roku TVs using the built-in pairing function.
  • Dedicated Roku buttons – These remotes have shortcuts like the Roku home button, playback controls, etc.
  • Voice commands – Roku voice remotes allow hands-free control using wake words like “Hey Roku.”
  • Private listening – Plug headphones into the remote to listen to the TV’s audio privately.
  • Rechargeable battery – Some Roku remotes have a built-in rechargeable battery you can charge via USB.

On the downside, Roku OEM remotes can only control your Roku device – not other equipment like soundbars, cable boxes, etc. They also tend to be more expensive than universal options.

Universal Remotes for Roku TVs

Alternatively, you can use a universal remote with your Roku TV. Benefits include:

  1. Consolidated control – A single universal remote can control your Roku TV, sound system, DVD player, and other devices.
  2. Affordability – Universal remotes are generally cheaper than Roku OEM replacements.
  3. Extra features – Look for advanced universal remotes with macros, activity buttons, backlit keys, etc.
Universal Remote Brand Price Range
Logitech Harmony $25-$350
Sofabaton $20-$180
GE $10-$100

The trade-off with universal remotes is that they require some initial setup to control your devices properly. You’ll need to manually program in commands for both your Roku TV and any other equipment you want to use the remote with.

As technology expert Leo Notenboom summarizes: When choosing a streaming device remote, it comes down to convenience versus flexibility. OEM streamer remotes like Roku’s offer seamless control specifically for that platform, while universal options allow consolidated control of more devices at the expense of some setup complexity.

For more guidance on programmable universal remotes, see this buying guide from CNET.

Key Takeaways

In closing, key tips when shopping for a Roku TV remote include:

  • Stick with Roku OEM for seamless, dedicated control
  • Get a universal remote to command multiple devices from one remote
  • Factor in required programming for universal remotes
  • Consider convenience versus price and features

At the end of the day, choosing the right Roku TV remote depends on your needs and budget. Evaluate whether consolidated control or Roku-specific features are more important to make the best choice.

How to Opt for the Right Remote For Roku

Choosing the best remote for your Roku TV can seem complicated given all the options available. However, keeping a few key factors in mind will help you select the right one for your needs and budget.

Compare Roku Remote Models

The most basic decision is whether to use the simple IR (infrared) remote that comes with your Roku TV, or upgrade to an Enhanced remote with extra features. Consider the following comparison:

Remote Type Roku IR Remote Roku Enhanced Remote
Price Free with Roku TV $29.99
Connection Infrared (IR) Infrared + RF wireless
Voice Control No Yes
TV Controls Limited Power, volume, mute
Range 15-20 ft Up to 100 ft
Rechargeable Battery Disposable battery Rechargeable

As you can see, the Enhanced remote offers voice control, extended range, TV power/volume capability, and a built-in rechargeable battery for not much more money upfront. It’s a worthwhile upgrade for most users.

Check Remote Compatibility

When selecting a Roku remote, also make sure to verify compatibility with your specific Roku streaming device. Most Roku remotes work across all devices, with some exceptions:

  • The latest Roku Voice Remote Pro only works with newer Roku streaming players and Roku TVs (not older Roku models).
  • There are special Roku remotes made for TCL Roku TVs or Roku Stream bar.

Consult the full compatibility chart before buying alternative Roku remote models. The Enhanced Voice Remote mentioned above has nearly universal compatibility.

Prioritize Key Remote Features

Finally, think about which features matter most to your viewing experience when choosing a remote for Roku TV:

  • For a cluttered room, the 30% wider range of an RF remote beats standard IR.
  • If you stream a lot of music, integrated headphone jack and volume/mute buttons are clutch.
  • Prefer searching by voice? Get a microphone-enabled remote model.

By balancing price, compatibility, and functionality that aligns with your needs, you can determine the right Roku remote for the ultimate streaming setup.

Step-by-Step Guide to Pairing Your Remote for Roku TV

Setting up your Roku remote is a quick and easy process. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step instructions to pair your Remote for Roku TV.

What You Need

  • Roku TV
  • Roku remote
  • 2 AA batteries for the remote

Step 1: Insert Batteries into Roku Remote

Open the back cover of your Roku remote and insert the included 2 AA batteries. Make sure the + and – ends match the remote diagram.

Step 2: Turn on Roku TV

Press the power button on your Roku TV remote. The TV will automatically turn on and begin the setup process.

Step 3: Initiate Pairing Process

Follow the on-screen instructions to select your language and region. When you get to the screen labelled “Let’s pair your Roku remote”, choose the pairing option: “I have a Roku remote”.

Step 4: Push Button to Pair

The next screen will prompt you to push and hold the pairing button on the back of your Roku remote for 3 seconds. Complete this step to initiate pairing.

Tip: The pairing button is located underneath the battery cover of the remote.

Step 5: Test Remote Functionality

If pairing is successful, an on-screen confirmation will display. Test that all remote buttons work as expected to control your Roku TV.

That’s it! With just a few quick steps, you have paired your Roku remote to start streaming. If you run into any issues, refer to Roku’s troubleshooting guide for help.

Looking to further enhance your home entertainment experience? Check out Universal Remote TV Control, an app that lets you control Roku devices right from your smartphone. Learn more about its convenience here.

Enhancing Your Experience with Smartphone Control

Convenience and Capabilities of the Roku Mobile App

The free Roku mobile app puts advanced control of your remote for Roku TV right on your smartphone or tablet, offering conveniences and capabilities not possible with the included remote. With just a tap, you can:

  • Use your mobile device as a full-featured remote, with buttons for power, volume, playback controls, and more
  • Search across top streaming channels and find entertainment options faster
  • Switch inputs easily between devices like game consoles or cable boxes connected to your TV
  • Control and adjust settings for Roku TVs, Roku players, and Roku audio products throughout your home

Having a remote for your Roku TV in your pocket makes everyday use seamless. No more wondering where the remote ended up or struggling with limited buttons!

Advanced Features for Enhanced Viewing

The Roku app also unlocks advanced capabilities not available anywhere else:

  • Private listening streams sound straight to your headphones from your mobile device so you can watch late at night without disturbing others
  • Keyboard entry makes searching channels or entering account info quick and easy by tapping directly on your touchscreen
  • One-touch mirroring instantly casts your Android or Windows screen to the TV, great for sharing videos, photos, webpages and more from your device

With the smartphone remote for your Roku TV, you can take control of your viewing experience like never before.

Reflection: Evaluate Your Entertainment Needs

Are All Remotes Compatible with Roku TVs?

When purchasing a Roku TV, one common question that arises is whether you need to use the included Roku remote or if other remotes are compatible. The short answer is that not all remotes work with Roku TVs out of the box, but you do have some options.

The Roku Remote

The Roku remote that comes with your Roku TV is specially designed to control all of the smart features. It connects directly, without any pairing needed, and allows you to launch apps, search content, control playback, adjust settings, etc.

So if you want full functionality, the Roku remote is your best bet. However, you may prefer an alternative remote for certain reasons.

Universal Remotes

Many universal remotes can be programmed to work with Roku TVs, giving you an alternative option. You’ll need to connect manually and sync the remote. The main limitations are that you may not have access to Roku-specific buttons and features.

  • Good for basic functions like power, volume, channel control
  • Lets you consolidate devices into one remote
  • Can be an affordable option

Alternate Streaming Remotes

Some streaming devices like the Amazon Fire Stick have remote controls that also work with Roku TVs. You can use these if you prefer the layout or options. Just pair manually through your TV’s settings.

So while compatible remotes exist, the included Roku remote is still your best option to enjoy full functionality. But alternatives can work well for more basic control.

Innovative Solutions for Lost or Broken Remotes

Using Your Smartphone as a Remote

The easiest solution for a missing or malfunctioning Roku remote is to use your smartphone. Both iOS and Android devices have free Roku apps that allow you to control your Roku player or Roku TV. The app provides all the main playback controls as well as options to search for content, add new channels, and more.

Key Benefits of the Smartphone App

  • Convenient – Most people have their phone readily available
  • Familiar interface
  • Additional features like voice search

“The free Roku mobile app is the ultimate streamer sidekick.” – Roku website

While the smartphone app offers a lot of functionality, there are some limitations. You can’t turn on your TV using only the app and some older Roku models don’t fully support app control.

More Permanent Replacements

If you want a dedicated remote replacement that works exactly like an OEM Roku remote, consider:

  • Buying a replacement remote from Roku or an electronics store
  • Using a universal smart remote
  • Purchasing an inexpensive third-party remote

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the Roku remote controls?

The main differences between Roku remote controls are: 1) Connectivity – basic IR remotes use infrared while advanced remotes use Bluetooth/RF, 2) Features – basic remotes just have navigation and TV controls while advanced remotes add voice search, headphone jacks, etc., and 3) Batteries – basic IR remotes use disposable batteries while advanced Bluetooth remotes have rechargeable batteries.

What are the main pros and cons of Roku OEM remotes versus universal remotes for Roku TVs?

Roku OEM remotes offer seamless, dedicated control specifically for Roku devices but can only control the Roku. Universal remotes allow consolidated control of multiple devices but require some initial setup and programming.

What are the main factors to consider when choosing the right Roku remote for your needs?

The main factors are: comparing basic IR remotes vs Enhanced remotes, checking compatibility with your specific Roku device, and prioritizing key features like voice control, extended range, headphone jack, etc. based on your viewing preferences.

What are the steps to pair a Roku remote?

The steps to pair a Roku remote are:
1. Insert batteries into the Roku remote
2. Turn on the Roku TV
3. Initiate the pairing process by selecting “I have a Roku remote”
4. Push and hold the pairing button on the Roku remote for 3 seconds
5. Test the remote’s functionality to confirm successful pairing


What capabilities does the Roku mobile app provide that allow you to enhance your viewing experience?

Can you use a universal remote with a Roku TV?

Yes, many universal remotes can be programmed to work with Roku TVs, allowing basic functions like power, volume, and channel control. However, universal remotes may not provide access to all Roku-specific buttons and features.

What is the most convenient solution for replacing a lost or broken Roku remote?

The most convenient solution is to use your smartphone. Both iOS and Android devices have free Roku apps that provide remote control functionality along with additional features like voice search.

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